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  “When I injured my neck, my neurologist recommended I go to physical therapy to avoid surgery.  Not knowing anything about PT or whom to go to, I called my doctor.  His recommendation was Partners In Rehab.  As I began therapy, I was doubtful any progress was being made.  The day of my doubt was when my treatment was a success.  The staff at Partners In Rehab is very gentle and kind. Every appointment I am treated to the highest level of professionalism by every member of the staff.”                     
    Joan S.
"The therapists and staff at Partners in Rehab are awesome! They are professional, friendly, and are very courteous to your needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs therapy."
    Linda W.
  "If I had to create a definition for professionalism, courteous, knowledgeable, and sincerity, I would just simply put a picture of this staff. They define it all!"
    Hannalore R.
PO Box 376 - 4186 Cortland Drive - New Paris, PA 15554 - Phone: 814.839.2256 - Fax: 814.839.2208
606 East Pitt Street - Bedford, PA 15522 - Phone: 814.623.1436 - Fax: 814-623-1921